System3 Premium Fluid Acrylics

Daler-Rowney System3 Fluid Acrylics

System3 Fluid Acrylic colors are made with high quality pigments and have a satin finish. The 27 colors within the fluid range are compatible with colors in the System3 Acrylic, System3 Heavy Body and System3 Ink ranges, offering a full suite of viscosities to cover all acrylic techniques.

Courtesy of Mary-Catheryn Baker


Pigment Load & Fluidity

The System3 Fluid Acrylic has a highly intense pigment load which equals high tinting strength. Its high flow formula allows you to load a brush more evenly and assists with long paint strokes, which allows the fluid acrylic to go further for maximum coverage of your surface.

System3 Cadmium Red Hue

Tints = 50% color mixed with 50% titanium white

High quality lightfast pigments ensure excellent color permanence, richness, intensity and intermixability. This acrylic maintains depth of color, vibrancy and opacity.

Fluid Opacity

Contrary to what you might think, System3 Fluid Acrylic is just as pigmented and opaque as a regular body acrylic range.

Highly Versatile Fluid

The System3 Fluid Acrylic supports a wide range of applications: poured, puddled, dripped, dragged, layered and glazed. This incredibly versatile fluid acrylic can be mixed with different acrylic mediums like texture paste, as well as textile printing mediums, screen printing mediums, airbrush mediums and System3 Pouring Mediums for traditional fluid art techniques.

Courtesy of Mary-Catheryn Baker

Courtesy of Mary-Catheryn Baker

Wide Range of Applications

System3 Fluid Acrylic is durable and flexible with excellent adhesion to multiple surfaces, including stone, wood, textiles, canvas, paper and most other surfaces, so get creative! This acrylic offers great coverage, making it perfect for murals and other large surface area applications.

Mural by Pepe Gaka with System3 Acrylics
Mural by Pepe Gaka with System3 Acrylics
Artist Pepe Gaka painting mural
Artist Pepe Gaka

There is no need to dilute System3 Fluid Acrylics with water for immediate use, but they can be used for watercolor techniques, such as wet-on-wet and wet-on-dry. System3 Fluid Acrylics have very versatile applications, including: brush, fine details, knife, tools, pouring, dripping, spraying, staining and more liquid art techniques. Its self-leveling formula is great for glazing and layering, allowing minimal brush strokes.

Artist Alice Coles

Reusable Packaging

System3 Fluid Acrylic bottles are reusable! They can be refilled by taking the nib out of the bottle and reinserting once filled. This nozzle top is ideal for precise applications and to create lines or other small and delicate details.

System3 Size Comparison

Made in England

Daler-Rowney is particularly proud to continue the long heritage of manufacturing System3 Acrylic in the United Kingdom.

Courtesy of Mary-Catheryn Baker

System3 UK
BTS System3

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Rowney Showroom in 1952
Rowney Artists Wooden Box in 1851
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Richard and Thomas Rowney in 1780
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